Veterinarian Specialists

If you’re someone who wants to work in the field of veterinary medicine, or if you want to work with animals because you’re an animal lover, and you don’t want to spend your 20’s in school, there are other specialties within the veterinary industry that may provide the fulfillment you need, without the years and years of education. The veterinary specialists listed below are some of the job titles a person can earn, while working along side veterinarians. Read about each one, and how they benefit veterinarians, animals and animal owners on a daily basis.

Associations and Societies – This is a list of associations and societies in the veterinary world. Some of the groups listed specialize in specific fields, while others acknowledge the men and women of veterinary medicine. To find out more about the various associations and societies search here.

Animal Care and Service Workers – Animal care and service workers usually work along side veterinarians, however, in most cases their duties are basic and include feeding, watering, exercising, etc. Learn more about the different positions available, as well as establishments where an animal care taker may work.

Veterinary Assistant – Veterinary assistants usually find themselves doing clerical work inside of hospitals, practices, clinics or laboratories. Learn more about the duties they perform daily, which includes working with animals and owners.

Veterinary Surgeon - The demand for veterinary surgeons has risen in recent years. Find out where to go to receive additional training to become an animal surgeon. Unlike veterinary surgeons in UK, surgeons in the US and Canada do much more than the basic veterinary duties.

Veterinary Technician - Vet techs, as they’re commonly called perform much of the same duties as a nurse would for a doctor in a human hospital. Learn about the education requirements, salary and duties a vet tech may have to do.

Veterinary Technologist – A veterinary technologist is a veterinary technician who furthered their education. They have many more responsibilities than veterinary technicians do, as this job is in high demand.