Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine
309 E Second Street – College Plaza
Pomona, CA, 91766-1854
(909) 469-5628
Status: Limited Accreditation

WesternU, or Western University of Health Sciences is a non-profit, private, graduate school for health professionals. Founded in 1977 and located in Pomona, California, WesternU’s College of Veterinary Medicine was the first one to open in Southern California, and the first to open in 20 years. There are 11 other college programs besides the college of veterinary medicine as the campus includes nine major buildings located on 25 acres.

This college is very competitive to enter into. Most students do not receive an interview, let alone acceptance into the programs. Approximately 1 in 7 students get into WesternU’s Veterinary program each year. Of those students who enter into the four year DVM program, approximately 80% graduate with DVM degrees. WesternU is devoted to preparing and educating students to work with a wide variety of animals, including small animals, equine, food animals, exotics and wildlife.

Academic Requirements per Year

Each year, students must fulfill their academic or curriculum requirements in order to continue in the program. Below is what prospective students should expect if they are accepted into WesternU’s DVM 4-year program.

1st Year

CVM 5000 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 5020 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 5030 Molecular/Cellular Biology

CVM 5040 Veterinary Issues

CVM 5060 Veterinary Clinical Science/Skills I

CVM 5100 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 5120 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 5130 Molecular/Cellular Biology

CVM 5140 Veterinary Issues

CVM 5160 Vet Clinical Science/Skills II

2nd Year

CVM 6000 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 6020 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 6030 Molecular/Cellular Biology

CVM 6040 Veterinary Issues

CVM 6060 Veterinary Clinical Science/Skills III

CVM 6100 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 6120 Veterinary Basic/Medical Sciences

CVM 6130 Molecular/Cellular Biology

CVM 6140 Veterinary Issues

CVM 6160 Veterinary Clinical Science/Skills IV

3rd Year

CVM 7000 Introduction to Practice Management

CVM 7010-7012-7013 Small Animal Mixed Practice

CVM 7011 Shelter Medicine

CVM 7020-7021 Livestock Mixed Practice

CVM 7025 Population Health and Production

CVM 7030-7031 Equine Practice

CVM 7035 Surgery

CVM 7040 Diagnostic Laboratory and Pathology

CVM 7045 Laboratory Animal and Research

CVM 7050 Zoo Animal and Wildlife

CVM 7055 Veterinary and Environmental Public Health

CVM 7060 Food and Feed Safety

CVM 7065 USDA Accreditation, Foreign Animal Diseases and International Veterinary Medicine

CVM 7090 Junior Student Presentation

4th Year

CVM 7510 Core Internal Medicine

CVM 7515 Core Food Animal Medicine

CVM 7520 Core Surgery

CVM 7530-7599 Selective Clinical Rotations

CVM 8090 Independent Study

CVM 8999 Independent Research (Thesis) option

Tuition and Fees

Depending on which program you enter, fees for the application vary from $40-$180. All scholarships vary depending on funding, however most students who receive scholarships have good academic standing, experience with animals, previous volunteer work and other contributions to the community. Loans are available for students, however, for the DVM program, loans are limited to $8,500 subsidized and $34,222 unsubsidized annually.

2009 Class Profile

Type: Private

# Total Applicants: 738

# Total Students Enrolled: 105

# of Male Students Enrolled: 26

# of Female Students Enrolled: 79

Overall GPA: 3.37

Average GRE Score: Verbal- 494, Quantitative- 634, Analytical Writing- 4.00

Resident 1st Year Tuition: $20,052.50

Total Resident Cost for 4 Years: $80,210