Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

College Station, TX 77843-4461
(979) 845-5051
Status: Full Accreditation


The CVM at Texas A&M University is very competitive to enter into. There are many factors an applicant must consider before applying to the College to ensure they can earn an interview. Academic performance, GPA, GRE scores, motivation, volunteer or community service, educational experience, socioeconomic factors, and hands-on experience is factored into the Administrations decision.

Built in 1916, Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to educating and training the world’s best veterinarians. The selection process is almost as intense as the curriculum, yet proves to be a reliable method each year. The College is proud to say that they have produced 10% of the world’s veterinarians and continues to lead the nation in innovative approaches to veterinary medical education.

Education and Training

Texas A&M offers undergraduate students a biomedical science degree in preparation for their DVM curriculum. Students who have fulfilled their educational requirements for veterinary school may apply to the schools DVM, MS, PhD, Residency or Internship programs. The professional veterinary program at Texas A&M University is one of the oldest and most prestigious programs of its kind in the United States. Applicants who are accepted can expect a rigorous four years of education, hands-on training and experience.

Tuition and Fees

Residents of Texas can expect to pay an annual tuition of around $14,374, while non-residents can expect to pay an annual tuition of $25,174. These figures do not include loan, room and board, books and supplies, travel or personal expenses a student must consider when planning financially for each academic year. Students can expect to pay an average of $15,000-$20,000 extra per academic year on cost of living expenses.

Departments and Units

  • Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
  • Veterinary Pathobiology
  • Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Small Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

2009 Class Profile

Type: Public

# Total Applicants: 369

# Total Students Enrolled: 139

# of Male Students Enrolled: 41

# of Female Students Enrolled: 98

Overall GPA: 3.64

Average GRE Score: Verbal- 505, Quantitative- 658, Analytical Writing- 4.56

Resident 1st Year Tuition: $14,374

Total Resident Cost for 4 Years: $57,496

Non-Resident 1st Year Tuition: $25,174

Total Non-Resident Cost for 4 Years: $100,696