School Rankings

With a limited number of domestic veterinary schools available for comparison, students can quickly discover which school offers the curriculum that is most important to them. Certain schools focus on certain aspects of the veterinary world. Each student wants to receive the best education possible when pursuing their veterinarian career, however it’s important that you consider the school’s proximity to your home, the likelihood of acceptance and availability to help with continuing education and/or residency programs.

We’ve compiled a comparison of schools, colleges and universities based on the experience of those at and the findings of the US News and World Report from 2008. The table below shows the top 10 veterinary school rankings based on the two separate reports.

US News and World Report                   

1. Cornell University 1. Cornell University
2. Colorado State University 2. Colorado State University
3. University of Pennsylvania 3. University of California- Davis
4. North Carolina State University 4. University of Pennsylvania
5. Texas A&M 5. North Carolina State University
6. Michigan State 6. The Ohio State University
7. The Ohio State University 7. Texas A&M University- College Station
8. University of Wisconsin- Madison 8. University of Wisconsin- Madison
9. University of Florida 9. Michigan State University
10. University of Georgia 10. University of Minnesota