Veterinarian Education

If you want to become a veterinarian, it’s important you understand what it will take to accomplish that goal. It’s not as simple as other careers and professions, and requires years and years of dedication and hard work. Similar to becoming a human doctor, veterinarians have many responsibilities that aren’t taught in a regular 4-year college. With only 28 veterinary schools to choose from nationwide, it’s important that a would-be veterinarian understands the importance of choosing a school. This section is dedicated to helping you understand the education aspect of becoming a veterinarian.

Education and Training

Learn about the different courses and tests you’ll need to take during your initial 4 years at school. Get ahead of the game by knowing which classes are the most important, and which tests you will need to study for in order to graduate.


Learn what it takes to get your license after veterinary school. Also learn about license renewal and foreign policies. Obtaining your license requires more than schooling. You must complete national board exams, state exams and more before practicing.

School Rankings

Are you having a hard time choosing which school or university you’d like to attend? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 veterinary schools, based on opinions from experts and students.

Schools and Colleges

With only 28 schools in 26 states to choose from, veterinary schools are highly competitive. Find out which schools have veterinary programs in which you can apply. All 28 schools listed are in the United States only.


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