Veterinarian Advancement

Advancing in the veterinary industry can bring about many benefits to an ordinary veterinarian. Continuing ones education can provide a veterinarian with up-to-date information, studies and news about the veterinary medicine industry. Veterinarians can also choose to specialize in a specific or field of interest, so they may work in environments and with animals of their preference. Becoming board certified can help a veterinarian prove that they are knowledgeable, hard working and ready for the task at hand. This section will teach you about the advancement opportunities and possibilities a veterinarian may want to explore.

Accreditations - This is a list of possible accreditations a veterinarian or potential veterinarian can earn. Furthering your education, experience and training can provide more benefits in your career.

Board Certification – Becoming board certified can improve a veterinarian’s income, job security and overall happiness with the choice of career. Board certified veterinarians are able to join associations to help them advance in their careers and provide a better life for themselves. Learn what it takes to become board certified in veterinary medicine.

Continuing Education – Like with any career in medicine, continuing your education is very important and mandatory within the veterinary medicine field. Science and technology are constantly evolving, and continued educated credits ensure that a veterinarian is up-to-date with all new discoveries, advancements and data in the field.

Residency – Residency programs are extremely competitive to get into. Find out what it takes for a potential veterinarian to get into a residency program at the school or university of their wish.

Veterinary Specialties – The veterinary medicine industry is growing rapidly and specialists are needed in all fields of interest. Learn about the different specialties you can get involved with after receiving your Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.