Veterinary Schools and Colleges

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Veterinary Schools and CollegesVeterinary Schools and Colleges


Residency programs are very competitive to get into. Find out what it takes to get accepted into a residency program within your field of interest.


Veterinary Specialties

Find out which specialties you can specialize in, and what it takes to get you into your field of interest.

Veterinary SpecialtiesVeterinary Specialties

Veterinary Technician

See or comprehensive education & training guide for getting started as a veterinarian:

  • DVM- Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine
  • RVT- Registered Veterinary Technician
  • BVSc and AH - Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
  • MS- Master of Science
  • MA- Master of Arts
  • CVPM- Certified Veterinary Practice Manager
  • ALAT- Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician
  • LAT- Laboratory Animal Technician
  • LATG- Laboratory Animal Technologist
  • CMG- Certified Master Groomer
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  • FRCVS- Fellow of the Royal College of Vet Surgeons
  • VMD- Veterinary Medicines Directorate (UK)